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Very helpful information. Is there a way to do this without the need for the bindings.xml artifact? (ie: just using annotations in the code) Thanks


One other clarification/question. In Section II, the service class shows: throws CheckVerifyFault ... but in the original code in Section I, it shows: throws MyException Is this correct?...


Mark: You're right, should be MyException.


this is an awesome post. I just stumbled on this issue today and after reading this article I'm sure I'll have no problem solving it.

It's true that there is little to no documentation on exceptions with jax-ws.



This is what initially through me off:

" 3.6 javax.xml.ws.WebFault

This annotation is generated by the JAX-WS tools into service specific exception classes generated from a WSDL to customize to the local and namespace name of the fault element and the name of the fault bean and to mark the service specific exception as one generated from WSDL. Developers should not use this annotation themselves."


Account Deleted

Very useful information. Helps in packing SOAP Fault.detail element with a bean from server side, and let the ws client get it as XML (and further convert to local data in its native language).

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